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for sale: beautiful penthouse with terrace in Barcelona

101m2, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 43m2 terrace, bright living room with 3.40m room height

in the centre of the old town ciutad vella, barrio La Ribeira (el Born)

€ 749'000.00 - buy directly from the owner, no agency (*)

Welcome! Come in and feel good.

This modern 101m2-penthouse is in the top floor (4th, with lift) of a beautiful old city house, completely renovated and rebuilt inside with modern comfort in the year 1999.

The beautiful building is located on a homey small place with large trees and restaurants and when you enter to the patio through the big, antique wooden gate you already feel that you are in a beautifully kept property. Take the comfortable 6-persons elevator and push the button...

The properties in short:

Top location in the old town of Barcelona: La Ribeira/El Born

The property is located in the pedestrian area with excellent access to public transport (metro and bus at 200m distance), 500 meters from the old port and 10 minutes walk to the beach, thus is ideal for those seeking the authentic ambience in the heart of the Catalan capital but do not want to miss out on modern comforts.

The El Borne district is a very popular area with locals and offers a variety of fashionable shops, galleries, artist shops, cultural events, restaurants, bars, a large food market and shopping for daily needs. It is a safe area and one can walk through the beautiful small streets safely at any time of day and night.

Despite of the lively area with its happy atmosphere, especially the sleeping room on the backside offers a very calm and quiet surrounding while living really in the centre of the centre.

A rental parking in a modern parking garage, also suitable for larger vehicles, can be arranged. Another parking is in the immediate vicinity.

Ideal room layout

The large and high living room with it's bright window front makes the centre of the apartment and ideally divides the two bedrooms (each with its own bathroom) from each other providing maximum privacy.

The guest room can be seen as a completely separated part and there is even a lockable sliding door to divide it even more. Your guests and you can be in their parts of the apartments without disturbing each other.

It is as much ideal if you like to invite guests, if you are two couples, if you have a child that wants to enjoy living almost like in it's own apartment, if you want to let the room and its en-suite bathroom to a tenant or to tourists or if you need an office or working space where you can receive clients without entering in the private areas of your home.

Who I am and why I sell my flat

I am Daniel Bauer, a Swiss artist. I speak German, English and Spanish. During the past years I lived here in the centre of this wonderful city and enjoyed it very much. But since a long time I have a dream of a professional/private project that requires that I move to a completely different place.

Because I feel so very good here in this large penthouse with all the comfort and in the to my eyes best neighbourhood of Barcelona it took me a long time until I took the decision to sell my apartment. To be honest, also because my property is a very good investment. Even during the Spanish crisis years the prices of properties in this area of Barcelona were affected only marginally and right now they are rising even more.

But then again, I got 60 years old and if I want to risk another big change in my life this is probably the moment to act. So I will leave this marvellous flat to you with a smile in one eye and a tear in the other, but also very happy to finally move on.

I live in the apartment until it is sold. I can move out at any moment within 4 weeks.

Contact me:

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Full size images:

Please note that I have "giant" furniture (like a 2.2m-bed, huge table and chairs...) that make the rooms look not as large as they really are. These are realistic photos I took myself.

The entrance to the building:

The living room:

The kitchen:

The guest-room and its bathroom:

The main sleeping room:

The main bathroom:

The terrace:

If you prefer to buy through an agency you can contact:
aProperties Real Estate Barcelona (ad with more professional photos and a video), or
Eliore Properties Barcelona (smaller agency, less commission)

Please consider: if you contact one of these agencies you will be a client of these agencies, they will charge their commissions and I cannot negotiate directly with you any more!

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